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Introducing our PRO 1 Heavy Duty Hot Knife

T. L. Marshall Company is pleased to introduce a new heavy-duty hot knife that maintains high temperatures for long periods of time and offers a rigid blade design that can quickly plunge, carve, and sculpt through large pieces of high-density cutting foam. The new PRO-1 HOT KNIFE is the styrofoam cutter that offers a new injection molded, easy grip handle, a 5-1/2" stainless steel blade, a three-temperature setting option in high, medium and low heat and a one-year warranty. Your search for the king of all hot knives and foam sculpting tools is over!

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"The Must Have Tool for Every Toolbox"
Miles Hayes, VP,Association of Professional Model Makers

Introducing our PRO 1 Heavy Duty Hot Knife

"We knew we had something good when we hit the market four years ago with our hobby market Hot Knife and now our new PRO 1 Hot Knife will be making it's mark in construction. Our new hot knife focuses on the job of quickly cutting wiring channels through insulated concrete forms. We took the durability and economy of our Stainless Steel blade and combined it into a new tool that won't shut off to cool and is hot enough to do the job quickly & effectively," says TL Marshall Company President, Lorraine Marshall. Email Lorraine

Visit us often to stay on top of the new products to help you do your job faster, smarter and cleaner than every before. The crafter's hot knife is an amazing invention that gives you the strength of a sharp stainless steel blade with the flexibility of a hot wire. Click here to learn more Learn more

The Crafter's Hot Knife was recently featured in Narrow Gauge Magazine.

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Superior to any other hot wire foam cutter, this solid, sturdy stainless steel, heated knife will meet your hot knife needs with ease. The PRO-1 Hot Knife is an economical tool designed for heavy-duty use in general insulation, insulated concrete forms, exterior insulating finishing systems, structural insulated panels and more. Plus, it's more than a construction foam cutter. Like our smaller hobby knife, the Crafter's Hot Knife, it can also handle small jobs like cutting packaging foam, those styrofoam props and sets for theater productions, cutting foam for crafts, cutting floral foam, creating foam molds for sculpting, creating architectural models or woodland scenics, railroad models and other types of styrofoam terrain. Finally, this tool is perfect for cutting wax blocks and gel wax. Its uses go well beyond cutting through industrial packing foam!

foam cutting is effortless as you regulate the heat with the push of a button. Let us know if you discover a new use for this versatile, handy styrofoam cutter. No toolbox should be without one. We are proud to carry a new line of "hot" products to meet all your foam cutting (and other cutting) needs.

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